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The Avantici hotel has received the Quality Tourism state mark

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Our establishment has received the Quality Tourism state mark. This mark certifies that our structure is one of the best among all the others.

The Quality Tourism state mark: exemplary quality of reception

Issued by the State, the Qualité Tourisme mark is a guarantee of high quality in terms of hospitality and accommodation. Our establishment has this mark of recognition. This means several things, including the following:

- we have a staff attentive to your energy and your comfort: we want you to make the most of your stay

- we showcase a local destination (click here for more information on local vacations)

- we provide a personalized service

- our customer service is among the best (satisfaction questionnaire, e-reputation analysis, complaints handling, etc.)

This guarantee of quality is provided following an audit carried out by a mystery shopper. This client examine thoroughly the establishment and subjects it to a number of tests ranging from 250 to 600. Finally, the audit is validated only if 85% of the tests are confirmed.